Summer in the (hottest) city

So, you have decided to come to Bangkok in April or in May? Congratulations! You have chosen to visit the hottest capital in the world (according to World Meteorological Society) in the hottest possible season! But don’t worry! You can still survive if you follow a few simple rules.

Thailand has three seasons: hot (March – June), rainy (July – October) and cold (November – February). Most tourists visit the Land of Smile in the cold season when the rest of the world experiences proper winter and Thailand enjoys sunny days and bearable temperatures of 25-30 degrees Celsius (Yes! This is what “cold” season lokks like here! J).

Visiting Thailand in hot season is a challenge as you are not likely to experience temperatures lower than 40 degrees J

Remember to drink a lot of water! Dehydration is not just a feeling of thirst. It can really hurt you! Drink water at every occasion, keep your body hydrated and always keep a full bottle with you.

Avoid the sun as it is very treacherous! And believe me – you don’t want a heat stroke during your vacation! Wear a cap, a hat – whatever that will cover your head and give you some protection from the harmful rays.

Eat a lot of juicy fruit like watermelon and drink coconut water (but not too much as it is a natural laxative). When you are sweating your body loses huge amounts of minerals and microelements. You have to keep supplying your body with them.

Put a wet towel around your neck. It will give you a feeling of coolness and provide you with an easy way to wipe sweat off your face and head.

These are just few of my tips. I am sure that during your stay in the Land of Smiles you will come up with your own ways to keep yourself cool. So stay cool and enjoy your holidays! J